Performance Without Fear

Accessing the Space Within to Deal with Stage Fright

The act of performing can take us from a place of terror to pure joy and elation. To be on that journey we need to access the Space Within and be present in our body, our mind and our heart. Stepping on stage is an act of courage: one must be willing to face complexes, deal with fear and ride the wave of physical as well as psychological discomfort. This seminar will be an experiential seminar in which we will address problems of stage fright and creative blocks. It will also offer possibilities for self reflection and exploration of the most often experienced complexes and core negative beliefs.

Yoga is one of the means by which body, mind and spirit are united. The seminar will include simple yoga poses and stretches followed by some reflection on C. G. Jung’s writings on Yoga (Yoga and the West, CW 11). When one becomes overwhelmed with complexes, hundreds of negative thoughts may rush through one’s mind and one may become confused, unfocused and disturbed. We will spend some time dwelling on the concept of a quiet and centered mind. We will perform some simple yet powerful breathing exercises to quiet the mind and anchor ourselves.

We will also refer to some of C. G. Jung’s writings on meditation (Psychology of Eastern Meditation, CW 11 and Commentary on ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower’, CW 13) and experience different kinds of short meditations (sitting, walking, eating) as a tool to center oneself, remain in the present moment and deal with complexes at hand.

Please wear some loose, comfortable clothing.