My Philosophy as a Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst

Jungian Analytical Psychology recognizes that there is a potential for wholeness in each human being: It is a force that longs for freedom and wholeness. It is an urge towards completeness and self-realization similar to that of a blade of grass which manages to find its way to the sunlight even through rock and rubble. It gives life hope and meaning.

Yet the urge towards wholeness may be hindered by too much attention given to the outside world, to the detriment of the space within.This may result in feelings of emptiness, anger, sadness, and grief - a loss of meaning in life.

Meaning in life develops as one realizes one's own uniqueness. Each person is like a diamond with its multiple ever-changing facets. We contact different facets of ourselves upon different occasions, with different people, and at different stages of life. Our upbringing, schooling and insertion in society may have led us to believe that some parts of ourselves were unacceptable. We may have buried these unacceptable parts.

The essence of the journey is to become aware, to recognize and ultimately embrace all parts of oneself. It is a journey, not a goal - a journey not to perfection but to the whole of oneself, where outer and inner come together.

Awareness, patience, and, above all, a growing love and respect for one’s own complexity lead one to take conscious decisions and to become a full participant in one’s own life rather than a victim of it.

In Brief: A Session

Each session is an hour long, offered in a safe, calm and non-judgmental space, in either French or English.

We may spend time with any pressing issue of daily life, as well as with dreams, journaling, writing, artwork or spontaneous images from the Unconscious.

My focus is to accompany someone in the discovery of new emerging forces in the psyche. Cooperation with these forces may allow one to see in which direction one’s energy wants to move or find what is preventing the energy from moving. Either way, one is given the opportunity to take conscious life decisions.