Working with Symbols Series 3: Fathers and Daughters

All Fur/Donkeyskin and The Maiden Without Hands

In the Fairy Tales Beauty and The Beast, All Fur/Donkeyskin and The Maiden Without Hands, the father makes a crucial mistake.

In Beauty and the Beast, the father becomes lost in a forest, enters the palace of the Beast and, only thinking of a gift for Belle, steals the Beast’s most precious possession, a rose.

In All Fur/Donkeyskin, the father wants to marry his daughter.

In The Maiden Without Hands, a poor miller is offered wealth by the devil if the miller gives him what stands behind the mill. Thinking that it is an apple tree, the miller agrees, but it is his daughter.

In each case, the daughter is sent on a journey, a quest for Individuation.
Each seminar will focus on the analysis of the Fairy Tale and will present different adaptations in movies, literature and art.