Class Outline

Class 1. The World of Performance: Introduction to Concepts

Part 1. The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat
What is your experience with nerves? 

Part 2. The Inner Game of Music

  • What is self 1/self 2?
  • Performance = potential minus interference (P=p-i)
    • Definitions and examples of exterior and interior interference

Part 3. The Power of Awareness: Being Present

  • Introduction to stretching and breathing exercises
  • Concentration exercise

Class 2. Finding Inner Strength

Part 1. Accessing the Inner Quiet

  • Breathing exercises
  • Complete stretching exercises
  • Scanning
  • Stress-releasing techniques

Part 2. Recovering a Sense of Safety: Trust & Will

  • Goals: how to work with them
  • Inner blocks to full realization: core negative beliefs
  • Power of change: affirming weapons

Class 3. Recovering a Sense of Power and Possibility

Part 1. Dealing with Criticism

  • Good criticism and bad criticism
  • Notebook of positive qualities
  • What to do with criticism

Part 2. Energy or the Art of Relaxed Concentration

  • Definition of the concept of “relaxed concentration”
  • Invigorating exercises
  • Streaming
  • Energy and Tai Chi

Class 4. Reprogramming the Mind: The Power of Imagination

Part 1. Dealing with Losses and Failures

  • Gain disguised as loss
  • Steps into your dream

Part 2. High-Performance Imagry

  • Focal Images
  • Anchoring
  • Introduction to visualization
  • Guided exercises with relaxation tape

Class 5. Being a Successful Artist

Part 1. A Winning Attitude

  • Definition of success: building a new self
  • Motivation
  • Commitment
  • Mental toughness
  • Self-protection

Part 2. The Act of Auditioning

  • Tips
  • High-performance lifestyle
  • Audition preparation skills

Part 3. Your Mission as an Artist