Discovery of Singing

While in France, I earned a Master’s degree in English and French Literature and began to teach Literature. I used to sing in choirs and loved it. One day, I decided to take a singing lesson and that event changed my life. I knew right at that very moment that I wanted to become a singer.

After studying singing for a year in France, I moved to Canada and studied first at the Université de Montreal (B.A. in vocal performance), and then at the University of Toronto where I earned a Master’s degree in vocal performance. I began to give concerts and to take part in opera productions.








Contemporary Music


I studied at the Banff School of the Arts (Canada) and at The Aldeburgh School of Vocal Studies in England where I was inspired by one of my teachers, Phyllis Bryn-Julson, to explore the contemporary repertoire. In 1993, I registered in the Eckhardt-Gramatté vocal competition, which focuses exclusively on contemporary repertoire. I was awarded the first prize. Subsequently, I premiered may contemporary pieces and enjoyed the special collaboration with the composers.








Psychology of Performance

Parallel to my performing career, I opened my vocal studio at the Royal Conservatory of Music and I gradually became interested in the psychology of performance. I studied yoga intensively and became a certified yoga teacher in 1996. I began to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of yoga in my teaching and developed workshops and classes to help the artists develop their full potential. The Serenity and Strength Workshops were born: Performance without Fear, Yoga for Singers, Anatomy of the Breath, A Free sound in a Free Body.

In 1998, I published a booklet entitled An Island of Serenity, A Practical Guide to Relaxation and Well-Being.








The Artist in Communication

I believe that as artists we can make a difference in our society. We can give a voice to Awareness, Peace, Compassion and Hope. Art does not happen in a vacuum, it needs to be shared and lived. My mission as an artist and voice teacher is to go into the community and reach out to everybody, especially those who may not be fortunate enough to be able to come to a concert. The Outreach Program, created in 2004, is devoted to that mission. Numerous concerts have been given in prisons, hospitals, (including Sick Kids Hospital, The Center for Addiction and Mental Health), in senior homes and in schools for developmentally handicapped children.








In 2000, the CD Tapestry of the Heart was released. It featured vocal and guitar music from the Renaissance to the Contemporary. In the years that followed, I became interested in the exploration of Cabaret music and gave many concerts, culminating in the production of my second CD From Paris to Broadway, in 2006.






Voice Studio


I love to teach singing. The voice is a powerful instrument and it is a thrilling experience to work with the transformation of the singing voice, to make it smoother, stronger, more agile, more colorful. This is work that takes patience and care. This work culminates with the production of shows. In the recent years, the voice studio has presented: Aspects of Love, A Night at the Opera, From Berlin to Broadway and What is this Thing called Love?







Analytical Psychology

My interest in psychology led me to deepen my inner work and to study analytical psychology at the Jung Foundation of Ontario. I became a certified Jungian Analyst in 2009 and I am a member of the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts. This work has added an enriched depth of understanding to my teaching and performing.
 Elisabeth Pomès