Statement of Philosophy

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As a young artist I sometimes struggled with nerves and stage fright and it affected my performances negatively. As a result of my own struggle, I researched the means and tools to conquer stage fright; I read numerous books on sport psychology and studied yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. I developed an approach to performance that led me to positive results, and then I wanted to share my discoveries with other artists. Therefore, I created the Performance Without Fear workshops, classes and private sessions.

What happens to us when we step on stage? Is our mind helping us or is it in the way? If we make a mistake, do we carry that mistake with us during the whole concert? How can we change our approach to performance so that we are more successful?

Whether it is in a private session, a workshop or a class, my focus is to help the artist deal with the physical and psychological aspects of performance. I offer guidance in stress-relieving exercises and breathing techniques from Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi-Kung and Feldenkrais technique. I guide the artists through a series of exercises that demand reflection and introspection. This work aids the release of mental blocks by dissipating anxiety and its symptoms, that pose an obstacle to the achievement of potential. 

As a result of the Performance without Fear private sessions and classes, I wrote articles on the art of performing in the music publication Wholenote and published a booklet entitled An Island of Serenity, A Practical Guide to Relaxation and Well-Being.

In 1996, I created the Serenity and Strength workshops, in which relaxation and well-being are applied to one’s state of health (Reclaiming your Health, Headaches: Relief without Drugs), to the workplace (Business Stress) and to senior homes (Young at Heart with Yoga).

My wish is that these private sessions, workshops and classes will help people toward the discovery and realization of their potential.


















Performance Without Fear

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Class Outline   Articles in Wholenote Magazine
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    Pendulum, Fish and Eagle’s Arm
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pdf   The (im)possibility of performance with(out) fear
    Pendulum, Fish and Eagle’s Arm
    Breathing and beyond

An Island of Serenity,
A Practical Guide to Relaxation and Well-Being

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Serenity and Strength Customized Workshops

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Reclaiming your Health

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Designed to help those in pain or who are suffering from chronic disease, this workshop helps to awaken our inner potential of pure and vibrant health. Participants learn the techniques of visualization, affirmation, and healing meditation to achieve a sense of well being, acceptance and inner peace. It involves gentle stretching and breathing exercises. The workshops “Reclaiming your Health” were given at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

Headaches: Relief Without Drugs

Many headaches come from tension stored in the body, especially the neck, shoulders and upper back area. This is the result of our fast-paced lives; the effects of stress accumulate as we “perform” all day, rushing through all our activities, hardly taking any time to breathe. This workshop helps relieve physical and emotional tension by hands-on techniques of acupressure and massage, restorative yoga postures, visualization exercises to dissolve the pain, and relaxation exercises.

Business Stress

Created for executives, managers, employees and owners, this workshop helps deal with pressure-cooker situations in the workplace. Clients practice simple, effective techniques to achieve “relaxed concentration.” These include gentle stretching exercises, “mini relaxations” and breathing techniques, all able to be done at a desk, in business attire, and in a few minutes.





















Yoga and Breathing 

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Yoga for Singers

The workshop offers stretches that are designed to help singers with their posture, the opening of the ribcage, the muscles of the upper body, and a good breath support. It includes standing postures as well as sitting and lying down postures.

Young at Heart with Gentle Yoga

Designed specifically for seniors, the workshop uses slow, gentle stretches in combination with breathing exercises to recover the inner life force and recapture a feeling of youthful energy. Poses and techniques are adapted and modified to suit those of varied ages and levels of agility.

The Essential Breath: Anatomy of the Breath for Singers

The workshop offers a close look at the anatomy of the breath - primary and secondary muscles- and explores different ways of enhancing our breath capacity and breath support. Exercises are borrowed from Yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates and Thérèse Bertherat’s Gymnastique Douce. 

Liberating the Voice

The pressure to perform may lead to physical and psychological tension. Singers may lose the freedom of the sound as well as the sheer joy of singing. This workshop addresses these issues and gives simple tools to liberate the voice with the use of simple physical relaxation techniques and psychological in-depth reflection exercises.

Exams Without Fear

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Taking an exam can be quite stressful and it is essential to find one’s self confidence and get rid of core negative beliefs. The workshop takes the students through the following sections: Breaking the anxiety circle and releasing tension, Accessing the inner quiet, Reprogramming the mind and believing in oneself.