I have always loved to sing; singing is an experience like no other. It is a privilege to be able to use my voice to express the whole range of human emotions and to share the inner world of composers with an audience.   My hope is that my performances will touch people.

I like to discover a piece of music, to explore the subtleties of the poetic text, to find the appropriate colors, nuances, dynamics and phrasing - I love working towards a true rendition of the music; I also enjoy the collaboration with other musicians. In this artistic process I have produced two CDs - Tapestry of the Heart and From Paris to Broadway.

Standing on a stage, singing, I feel I am in touch with the divine. It is a magical experience for me to feel the sound coming from deep within my body and reverberating in the hall. 

Singing puts me in touch with beauty and meaning. Musical depictions of human experiences and emotions resonate in us all and bring us together; this is why art matters.

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A native of Paris, Elisabeth Pomès first came to North American recognition with the first prize in the Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition: “a stunning performer and an excellent communicator with a gift for breathing new life into contemporary compositions.”

Her career encompasses a repertoire ranging from opera to contemporary music and cabaret songs. In 2000 she produced her own CD, Tapestry of the Heart, featuring music for voice and guitar from the Renaissance to the Contemporary. The Ottawa Citizen described her as “a persuasive advocate of a broad range of modern musical styles.”

Continuing to expand her musical tastes and boundaries, Elisabeth has gradually turned towards cabaret music. The 2004/2005 season was highlighted by two of her shows which received acclaim:

“In An Evening in Paris, Elisabeth Pomès brought the ambience of a West Bank nightclub to Toronto through a powerful cabaret repertoire which culminated in her dancing and singing performance of “Youkali.” In the concert performance of From Paris to Broadway, her intense interpretation of Piaf and Weill alternately stunned the audience with its gutsyness and enlivened their hearts with its uplifting (and sometimes lighthearted) style.”

In speaking of making a specialty of the music of Kurt Weill and Edith Piaf, Elisabeth has said:

“I like the freedom that this repertoire offers. It allows me to stretch my limits, to try new things and to be daring both vocally and theatrically.”

Elisabeth just released a new CD, From Paris to Broadway, a set of cabaret songs by Kurt Weill and Edith Piaf. In this recording she brings a special emotion to the songs of her native France and an easy grace to all-time favourites such as “Non, je ne regrette rien.” She is surrounded by some of the finest musicians: Robert Kortgaard, piano; Andy Morris, percussion; and Joe Phillips, bass.

Elisabeth brings honesty and authenticity to her performances, she displays luminous colouring of the lyrics, versatility, and a strong and flexible voice. Whether she sings accompanied with a full orchestra, a chamber music ensemble or a band, like in her last CD, Elisabeth Pomès is an eclectic artist who brings to her music beauty and considerable interpretative power.

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