Singing: Cabaret Testimonials

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“Elisabeth Pomès has a beautiful voice, but rarely is one treated to a singer who can evoke such emotion and feeling. She’s able so subtly to draw and immerse us into a world of her creation, whether she’s singing in French or in English, whether it’s a story about love or about tragedy. Something of an experience…”

J.G. Richards

“Under the enchanting spell of her voice, Elisabeth Pomès brought back to life the heartbreak, the hope and the undauntable spirit of Edith Piaf–clearly her own kindred spirit. She took us into the old streets of Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge, and onto the great New York stage, and I felt what it must have been to experience the tiny Sparrow singing and opening the hearts of her listeners. I know why they kept coming back. Thank you, Ms. Pomès!”

K.A. Connidis

“In An Evening in Paris, Elisabeth Pomès brought the ambience of a West Bank nightclub to Toronto through a powerful cabaret repertoire which culminated in her dancing and singing performance of “Youkali.” In the concert performance of From Paris to Broadway, her intense interpretation of Piaf and Weill alternately stunned the audience with its gutsyness and enlivened their hearts with its uplifting (and sometimes lighthearted) style.”

T.F. Toronto.

“Listening to Elisabeth’s voice, accompanied by this lovely cabaret ensemble, in this beautiful Hall, I was transported back in time, to my teen years in Europe, when I listened to the music of Edith Piaf. I cherish this performance, and the feelings it evoked in me… an unforgettable experience, thank you Elisabeth.”

Wayne van de Vrie, Guelph

“Elisabeth Pomès’ recent concert of chansons françaises was truly lovely… She understands the repertoire as only a native French speaker can. Edith Piaf would have been proud. A wonderful afternoon of music. Toronto is lucky to have her.”

M.L. Ross

“To me, Elisabeth was born to sing. Her voice, with authority, authenticity and tenderness, seems to spring from something deeply connected within our emotional life, and she sings not only from the burning point of anguish and love, but also from gaiety or sadness, or whatever it is that the moment calls for in her repertoire, and listening becomes, of course, a richly rewarding experience.”

Erika B-D

“Pomès’ vocal mastery of the repertoire was without question as she ascended to the highest ephemeral tones with crystal clarity, only to return effortlessly to her natural voice. But Elisabeth Pomès’ special quality had to be her ability to inspire her songs with an emotion that was intelligent and well-paced, while at the same time deeply personal. Toronto should consider itself lucky to have such a natural interpreter of Piaf/Weill repertoire so close on hand. I look forward to what Pomès has in store for us next.”

Kevin Vaughan

“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the singing of Elisabeth Pomès on her CD From Paris to Broadway. Elisabeth has a wonderful understanding of the style that is needed to interpret these songs as well as the voice to put them over.”

Stanley Rosenzweig, Faculty member, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

“I’ve been listening to Elisabeth sing for nearly two decades, but hearing her sing Piaf last spring was a revelation. There was a new and compelling quality in her voice. That, added to her comfort and familiarity with these songs (which she’s known since she was a girl in Paris) made for a truly memorable performance.”

Peter Tiefenbach, CBC, Faculty member, Glenn Gould School, Toronto

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