Ma plus grande joie a été de partager mon amour du chant avec mes étudiants et de les aider à explorer leur voix. J’ai ouvert mon studio de chant au Conservatoire Royal de Musique à Toronto en 1990 et j’y accueille les étudiants chaque semaine.

Les leçons peuvent être de 30 minutes, 45 minutes ou d’une heure. Elles ont une structure identique. Nous commençons par réchauffer la voix avec des exercices d’agilité et de support respiratoire qui permettent de travailler sur la qualité du son sur toute l’étendue du registre. Puis nous travaillons sur une pièce de musique - musique classique, jazz, chanson populaire style Broadway ou extrait d’un show de théâtre musical. Notre approche prend alors une autre dimension: on travaille sur le texte poétique, parfois en langue étrangère, les émotions et la caractérisation.

Elisabeth Pomes Teaching









Le studio présente deux concerts, l’un en Décembre et l’autre en Juin. Tous les deux ans, nous montons un spectacle d’opéra ou de spectacle musical. Je crois que lorsque l’on travaille ensemble vers un même but artistique, il se passe quelque chose de spécial. Il y a synergie entre la voix et le jeu théâtral, les artistes apprennent à jouer, à s’écouter et à mêler leurs voix pour créer un univers de beauté. Ils communiquent - entre eux et avec le public. Les artistes construisent ensemble le spectacle... et ils adorent cela!

Under Paris Skies Concert de Printemps Concert “Guerre et Paix” Concert de Printemps
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Concert de Noël      


Joanne Stevenson Lena Chopra Susan Robins
Récents Témoignages    

Under Paris Skies

2013: Songs from and about Paris.

Heliconian Hall, Yorkville, Toronto

Venez passer de beaux moments avec nous “Sous le Ciel de Paris”! Vous entendrez les plus belles chansons de Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf et bien d’autres. Et nous vous offrirons également des extraits du spectacle “Les Misérables”.













Le Studio de Chant d'Elisabeth Pomès a présenté en 2011:

It's a Grand Night for Singing!

Représentation des merveilleuses chansons de Rogers et Hammerstein avec danses et costumes. Extraits des spectacles: Carousel, Cinderella, The King and I, Oklahoma et South Pacific.

Direction musicale et scénique: Elisabeth Pomès
Direction scénique générale: Christopher Sharp
Pianiste: Marie-Line Ross



“Tous les deux ans, Elisabeth monte un spectacle à thème, aidée par son ami et collaborateur Christopher Sharp, et par la pianiste Marie-Line Ross. Ce spectacle permet aux élèves du studio de chant, ainsi qu’à des anciens élèves tels que moi, de chanter, danser et jouer la comédie. Cette année, le spectacle proposait des extraits de la musique de Rogers et Hammerstein sous forme de pièces solistes, de duos et de numéros d’ensemble, où chacun pouvait exprimer son talent. Je suis heureux d’avoir eu la chance de travailler à nouveau avec Elisabeth, Christopher et Marie-Line. (Je suis particulièrement content qu’ils aient accepté ma version rap de “Some Enchanted Evening”) J’espère avoir la chance de bientôt retravailler avec eux.”

Kerry Wilkins.

“Les spectacles montés par Elisabeth m’ont permis de me faire beaucoup d’amis. L’expérience est toujours remarquable; j’éprouve beaucoup de plaisir à chanter et à être sur scène et cela me donne confiance en moi. J’ai hâte de participer au prochain spectacle.”

William Moyer

“Je suis heureuse de dire que cela a été une merveilleuse expérience, beaucoup de plaisir, une belle énergie avec une compagnie de chanteurs talentueux.”

Mae Scatliff




























Show: What is this thing called love?
Musique de Cole Porter. Mai 2009


"The Cole Porter Show was a fantastic learning experience. Elisabeth and the production team were both professional and fun to work with. I liked both participating in the big choreographed numbers and having the chance to perform solo. Along the way I made lots of friends and gained more self-confidence on the stage. Overall, it is an experience that I would recommend for all musical theatre enthusiasts no matter the age or background. Can't wait till the next show!"

Tania, Voice Student

"When Ms. Pomès invited me to attend the information session for the 2009 production, “The Cole Porter Show,” I had only been in her studio for two months. The degree of organization on that day was not surprising, Ms. Pomès had prepared music, CDs with chorus and solo parts, and handouts with dates. What did surprise me was that on the first day of staging, Ms. Pomès was there, energetic and eager to learn the dance steps with us! I gained a new level of respect for her - yes, she is effective in communicating what is expected, but in leading by example she demonstrated that she doesn’t expect anyone to do anything that she isn’t capable of doing. I am pleased that I took part in this exciting production, not only because of the performing experience it provided me, but also because the music was so thoughtfully selected, the staging was involving and fun for every participant regardless of their role in the show, and because of the high level of professionalism that prevailed from the information session to the last notes of our final performance."

Khrystyna Roy





























Show: Aspects of Love: Musique de W.A.Mozart et G.Bizet. Mai 2005


"I've been in three of Elisabeth's shows, over a period of years.  The first two featured scenes from operas; the most recent one was a staged revue comprising Cole Porter songs...It's a real challenge to generate satisfying musical theatre with a group of students of widely varying experience, training and ability.  It takes tact and discernment to figure out what contribution each of us can and should make to a production -- what will be sufficient challenge, but not too much -- and to ensure that each of us, in turn, recognizes the value to the production of our own particular contribution, whatever that is.  Few people working with amateurs have as much musical judgment, as much empathy, as much patience and as much skill as a voice coach as Elisabeth has to bring to this task.  In working with me, she has drawn on and reinforced my strengths and respected, compensated for and helped to correct my weaknesses.  I have felt valued and appreciated throughout the experience.  And I've had a few compliments on my performances in Elisabeth's shows.  In the immortal words of Ira Gershwin, 'who could ask for anything more?'"

Kerry Wilkins

"FANTASTIC!  Such nice people and so much fun. I have many wonderful memories of working and performing with Elisabeth Pomès and her talented ensemble.  I'm coming back for more!!!"

William Moyer














Show: A Night at the Opera: Musique de W.A.Mozart et J.Strauss. Juin 2002


"Elisabeth gave me the opportunity to sing alongside some fantastic performers in her studio production of Marriage of Figaro. With strong and positive direction, she taught me how to embody a role; my thoughts on and off the stage were "Suzanna's" for the months preceding the show. Elisabeth made actors out of us all. It was a tremendous experience that sparked a drive to continue performing for years to come."

Andrea Warren

"Being in these shows allowed me to meet so many terrific people!  I learned the most wonderful music and had so much fun at the same time.  It was an absolutely invaluable experience and has certainly added a new dimension to my musical studies."

Jill Baxter














Show: Dido and Aeneas, Musique de H.Purcell


"Thank you, Elisabeth, for giving me the opportunity to take part in the production of “Dido and Aeneas.” This was a wonderful experience, which taught me a lot. It was a challenge and an inspiration. You were very helpful and very encouraging. I met wonderful people. Thank you."


"Being part of the chorus of “Dido and Aeneas” was wonderful. I felt I was really taking part in the show. The music was so beautiful. The atmosphere was fun and loving. I will be back next year!"










Témoignages Récents

I want to thank you because I learned so much this year. I learned, finally, how to apply stuff I had only known theoretically, like creating a space “back there”, and how to get enough breath. Perhaps, more importantly, with you guiding me, this is the first time I felt like I might be able to be good at this. You helped through my frustrations and answered my questions... I appreciate all that. Thank for helping me find my voice (which I hope will continue to develop)."


"Elizabeth inspired music back into my life after a 5 year hiatus. She has been an impressive vocal coach guiding my voice to reach its utmost beauty and potential. She encourages you to push your limits and not to be afraid of your talents but to pursue them and allow the world to embrace it. Elisabeth, you are truly an incredible vocal coach and I am so lucky to have been able to study with you.

Thank you for helping me to remember my talent."

Ashley Mungal

"With Elisabeth, the music is taken seriously, but the lessons are fun. She is a patient, encouraging, but disciplined teacher who demonstrates a fundamental respect for the voice, and for the singer as a whole person. Her teaching has enabled me to develop both my upper and lower ranges, while improving tone quality. She offers a variety of approaches to technical challenges, along with a range of exercises to support the changing needs of my voice.  Her experience has been invaluable during my preparation for RCM vocal exams, and her humour has kept me motivated, throughout."

Carolyn Hague

"My singing has blossomed under the gentle, yet astute and meticulous guidance, of Elisabeth.  She has awoken me to the importance of colour, shading, and shaping - the nuances that make such an overwhelming difference.  My lessons are revelations, the highlight of my week."

Christine Sharp

"You have reached me as a teacher, mentor, friend... Your ears are remarkable: you hear instantly which exercise, which vowel it will take to clear my voice. All your students marvel at how different our lessons are, because you instinctively know what each of us needs each time we come to you, to make us sing our best. I cannot believe the sounds I produce when I’m standing beside you...Patiently nursing me through my plateaus, waiting for the right moment to suggest a new breathing technique that leads to a dramatic breakthrough, you have given me confidence and made me a singer.

You have provided so many extra opportunities for me to perform that I can actually now say that I enjoy standing up in front of an audience and sharing my voice. Without your gentle pushing, our cabaret group would never have taken shape. All the wonderful duets and trios have grown out of the confidence that we all feel because of your support...

The yoga workshops have been immensely helpful too...the relaxation techniques you introduce during my class, and in the workshops I’ve attended, help me every day in the classroom as well as when I’m performing.

You are an extraordinary teacher, very sensitively attuned to the needs of each student. You make us all feel very special and talented. You are a wonderful role model as a singer. It is exciting to share the musical journey with you."

Honey Thomas

"Singing has been an important part of my life since I was a young girl but I had not had any vocal training. I decided to treat myself to vocal lessons late in life - I had been singing in choirs for many years and was intent on improving my voice quality, and hopeful of preserving it. I was referred to Elisabeth by my son’s piano teacher at the time. So off I went to meet with her at the Royal Conservatory.

She and I discussed the objectives I had in mind, and agreed to work together. Elisabeth brings to her trade a holistic approach that combines technique, imagery, breathing and confidence building. She has passed on to me a range of techniques for voice production and breathing. She has taught me using metaphors and images, which in turn has allowed me to develop some of my own images. Often, I just have to picture her at the piano illustrating a certain technique in order to produce the desired sound.

The recitals have been valuable for performance skill building. Singing solo in front of an audience, albeit a very friendly one, requires confidence and performance skills - how to sing through the nervousness that everyone feels.

It’s often not as easy as it sounds and that is where Elisabeth’s gift of being positive and encouraging is important. She has always been supportive. I have learned a great deal from her, and she has enhanced my enjoyment of singing. It has been a pleasure working with her."

Mary Ella Magill

"I really enjoy working with Elisabeth. My diction and range have vastly improved under her instruction. She creates a comfortable while demanding atmosphere to study in."

Colleen Feehan

"Lessons with Elisabeth have done much more than make me a better singer.  Elisabeth's philosophies on living are positive and infectious, and every lesson they bring me a little closer to living compassionately and self-sufficiently. We all have a personal connection to our voices; we use them daily to communicate the subtleties of who we are to the world. Elisabeth helped me find strength and courage in and through my voice. She has taught me how to sing honestly and expressively--that's an incredible gift." 

Andrea Warren

"Elisabeth Pomès is not your regular teacher... She connects with the most important part of you and offers guidance from the stand point of knowing who you really are: your spirit. She helps you transcend the frustrations of what you might perceive as your "reality", and does not take note of your imperfections; instead, she reminds you of the potential you hold. Thank you Elisabeth!"