Without Fear

My Philosophy

Creative expression is the natural direction of our lives: we want to communicate who we are and what we do best to the world.

But sometimes our creativity gets blocked: we have beliefs that limit us, we fear the judgment of others, we compare ourselves, and we sabotage our potential.

An idea or an inspiration can disappear because of self-doubt, because of the fear of not measuring up, of not being good enough. The novel goes back into the drawer never to reappear again. One may stop writing. The actor jeopardizes an audition and then can’t seem to prepare for another one. The painter stops painting and the musician dreads going on stage.

As a young artist I struggled with nerves and as a result, I researched the means and tools to conquer stage fright. I read numerous books on sport psychology and studied Yoga, Qigong, Alexander Technique, Meditation and Breathing Techniques, developing a roster of approaches that yielded positive results in the different scenarios I encountered as an artist.

Wanting to share my discoveries with other artists, I created a workshop series called Performance Without Fear, that led to private sessions and group classes. Thirty years later, these sessions have expanded and deepened with my study and certification as a Jungian Psychoanalyst, as I continue to help artists of all stripes towards the discovery and realization of their potential.

Private Sessions

You are:

  • Someone who identifies with the term “artist”
  • Someone who may feel blocked creatively
  • Someone who thinks you are not living up to your potential
  • Someone who may struggle with anxiety or stage fright

We will explore your situation and its psychological underpinning. After we have spent time unpacking the root causes and identifying triggers, together, we will curate a program of exercises and techniques, specifically geared towards resolving your creative blocks. The goal will be clear: recover your creativity and replacing limiting beliefs with confidence and creative élan. Tools and techniques may include:

  • Breathing exercises to calm and clear the mind.
  • Physical exercises to release body tension; Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Pilates and Feldenkrais
  • Mindfulness Meditation