The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

A Jungian Approach

The day starts with a long list of things to accomplish; we have barely time to write down a dream, let alone explore it, that we are out of the door ready to perform our tasks in the outside world. In a life of doing rather than being, how can we be present to our inner life and honor its needs? How can we learn to breathe through life rather than “catch our breath” before moving on to the next thing to do? How can we learn to remain in our body?

This seminar will explore the body-mind-spirit connection. It will offer restorative yoga (gentle stretches that can be done sitting or lying down on a mat), breathing exercises as well as short meditation sessions. These exercises will be interspersed with moments of self-reflection and self-discovery. The seminar will also present some of C.G.Jung’s writings on the body-mind-spirit connection.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Elisabeth Pomès is a certified yoga instructor (Kripalu Center, Massachussetts) as well as a Jungian Analyst.

Length: 2 1/2 hours. Maximum number: 10