The Space Within

Yoga, Meditation and the Path of Individuation

The seminar will combine an exploration of C. G. Jung’s writings, particularly The Secret of the Golden Flower and The Psychology of Eastern Meditation, with an experiential approach to the subject through some yoga and meditation sessions.

The Individuation Process is the process of becoming oneself, whole, indivisible and distinct from other people and from the collective. Necessary steps in this process are to access the Space Within, then to pause in that inner space in order to experience awareness of the body and stillness of the mind. Yoga and meditation help us to be present to ourselves, to be aware of our body and mind and to partake in Kairos rather than Chronos.

The seminar will offer several short yoga sessions, a body scan and several meditation and breathing exercises – sitting, eating and walking. The sessions will be easy with no previous knowledge of yoga or meditation necessary. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.