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What is This Thing Called Love? Music of Cole Porter, 2009


The Cole Porter Show was a fantastic learning experience. Elisabeth and the production team were both professional and fun to work with. I liked both participating in the big choreographed numbers and having the chance to perform solo. Along the way I made lots of friends and gained more self-confidence on the stage. Overall, it is an experience that I would recommend for all musical theatre enthusiasts no matter the age or background. Can’t wait till the next show!” ~Tania, Voice Student

When Ms. Pomès invited me to attend the information session for the 2009 production, “The Cole Porter Show,” I had only been in her studio for two months. The degree of organization on that day was not surprising, Ms. Pomès had prepared music, CDs with chorus and solo parts, and handouts with dates. What did surprise me was that on the first day of staging, Ms. Pomès was there, energetic and eager to learn the dance steps with us! I gained a new level of respect for her – yes, she is effective in communicating what is expected, but in leading by example she demonstrated that she doesn’t expect anyone to do anything that she isn’t capable of doing. I am pleased that I took part in this exciting production, not only because of the performing experience it provided me, but also because the music was so thoughtfully selected, the staging was involving and fun for every participant regardless of their role in the show, and because of the high level of professionalism that prevailed from the information session to the last notes of our final performance. ~Khrystyna Roy